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Michael Rammell

30 Jahre

Rasender Reporter

thatberkshirecyclist“ – so nennt sich der Brite in den sozialen Medien und postet hier jede seiner Fahrten. Als Kind und Jugendlicher machte der heute 30-Jährige auf dem Mountainbike die Trails unsicher, stellte aber dann das Rad in die Ecke und fuhr lange überhaupt nicht. Erst als er die 100-Kilogramm-Marke durchbrach, stieg er wieder aufs Rad – und nutzte das muskelbetriebene Gefährt auf dem Weg zur Arbeit. Das war 2012. Peu à peu verlängerte er den Arbeitsweg und baute Schleifen über Ascot oder Windsor ein. Mittlerweile ist der Familienvater schlank und vor allem fit, wie noch nie zuvor in seinem Leben. Das Rennradfahren hat es ihm so angetan, so sagt er, dass er schlechte Laune bekommt, wenn er doch mal das Auto benutzen muss.

Michael Rammell auf Instagram:

  • It’s my last day in The Lakes today. Two visits in one week has been a lot of fun, especially given that I’ve now seen some of the lakes by bicycle, which, as we all know, is so much more better. You not only get to properly appreciate the size and scale, but stopping for photographs just like this is so much easier and the results are better too. .  We didn’t end up riding this weekend, though,  as we thought we might. The weather was supposed to be terrible and my fellow ride buddy has a chest infection, so we decided to make this weekend 100% about the family instead. I’m not going to lie - I’m gutted not to have at least been out once, especially given that our Air BnB here in Ambleside is atop ‘The Struggle’ - a 1Km hill at 20% or more. I cos head straight out the door and do hill repeats for an hour without needing to have ever gone anywhere! Shame. I’m also down on mileage for the week too, which is frustrating. I trained in anticipation of getting a bit of a big block in this weekend, so now I’ve got some extra to do next week instead. .  But still, the children have had a fab time and we’ve been able to spend some really good quality time together. The property we stayed in has been brilliant and the weather actually held out. I’ve caught the sun on my face! .  Naturally, discussions about buying property up here and opening a cycling cafe have come up. There’s real potential in the idea! With cycling this good it would be criminal not to. We do love the Lakes. .  Shout out once again to @kendal_cycle_club for the tour of the lakes the day before the #fredwhittonchallenge - with their help we were able to recon some of the course and stretch our legs just enough in prep for the big day last Sunday. .  Back to Hardknott later on. This time by car. I’m desperate to prove to my wife just how steep and long it really is! She doesn’t seem to grasp my achievement 😊
  • LEFT! It’s been a cool couple of weeks as @alpecincycling team riders have been off taking part in various other rides. Right now, @jon_canfield is over at the @amgentoc riding a few stages and is doing great! Keep going man! .  Being a part of this truly international team is so cool! .  As for me? This weekend I’m back in The Lake District with family. I’m gutted not to have my bike with me as opportunities were simply to scarce for me to get any decent riding in, but I’ve got a big day of riding planned for Monday, so we’ll see how that works out. It’ll be hill repeats on the menu as I try and take care of a fitness test that our coach has requested. This weekend was supposed to be a riding weekend, but it just hasn’t worked out that way. .  Still, a little extra recovery never hurt anybody, right? .
  • Im heading back to The Lakes today! I can’t wait. The scenery and views are beguiling! Whilst there are taller hills and longer mountain ranges, there is just a certain something that I haven’t managed to find anywhere else. .  The bold, vibrant greens, saturated blue skies with low clouds and the deceptive large size never cease to impress me and hold my gaze. Even when riding! .  This weekend should be a good opportunity  to make some more photographs - especially since , after much thought, I’ve decided to NOT bring the bike with me. I know, I know!! How could i? Well, to be honest my cycling buddy has a chest infection, the weather looks poor and my kids are desperate for time with Daddy. With all that in mind, leaving the bike locked away whilst I hike and play is probably best for everyone, myself included. .  As for the fitness test I had planned? Well, I went chasing a KOM yesterday when I should have been tapering and today’s 4 x 4 minute tempo session turned into a 1 x sprint max, all out session...well, it didn’t even have that much structure of I’m honest. What can I say? My legs felt amazing, I felt like could put sprint the world. I’m feeling strong! Gutted the mileage hasn’t been grand, but the speed and intensity are big positives. ‘Til tomorrow. See yah!
  • “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing” they say. .  It doesn’t really matter what the weather outside is doing, at @alpecincycling we’ve been given kit for all conditions. Our @katushasports apparel will see us stay warm in the coldest conditions, dry in the wettest conditions and cool in all the right ways at other times. We’ve got different types of wind vest, multiple types of base layers, a number different gloves and socks and leg warmers, knee warmers and long bibs for all conditions. We’re spoilt. .  So for me, on the day of the #fredwhittonchallenge when we were setting off at 06:00am and the temperatures were a mere 4 degrees Celsius, I opted for a slightly warmer setup; my thermal, long sleeved jersey, full length leg warmers and a cap underneath the helmet. As the temperatures increased I shed the thermal jersey and replaced it with a wind vest and arm warmers. Then the leg warmers came off, the arm warmers came off and I was left in a summer jersey, a medium Base Layer to help keep out the wind on the cold descents and the brilliant @katushasports bib shorts. .  It wasn’t the same clothing strategy adopted by everyone on the day, as others opted for long bibs all day and others also chose to forego the thermal layers all together, but when you have this many options to choose from, there’s simply more than one way to deal with the conditions. .  The right clothing makes all the difference to your performance. I’m really thankful to have such a generous sponsor on @katushacycling . Although their kit isn’t widely available here in the UK, you can get it online. If you’re interested, DM me for a discount code and I’ll hook you up with some big money off savings.
  • I had a KOM taken from me recently. I planned to take it back. The attempt was hindered and flawed...but did I do it?
  • I’ve dropped another Kg this past week. It’s all starting to really come together. I’m lighter, stronger and feeling more enthused than ever about cycling. Without doubt the involvement of @alpecincycling is a contributing factor and I am fully prepared for the inevitable sad day that will be when the 2019 team comes to an ends, but I’m learning lessons for life too. Things I can take forward. I’m Making friends for life and getting to a level of fitness that I have the most massive desire to not only maintain, but to continue to build upon. .  For me, this year will no doubt go down as the best year ever on a bike, the experiences are simply money-can’t-buy opportunities. From the team support, sponsorship, kit, bike, apparel, coaching, testing, encouragement, race-day support, the trips, riding with @mauriziofondriest , @alexdowsett. The training camp in @kaltern_caldaro and even the team approach to the #fredwhittonchallenge just made the event absolutely next level. .  I’m relishing every ride. I’m loving this adventure. Long may it continue.  Photo by @henningangerer
  • All in or nothing and the matter of obsessions. A midweek musing. indulge me. .  In the last week I’ve had people say to me numerous times that they don’t know where I get time to post, write, ride and train, work and have a family. I’ve had the same discussions with my good friend @neilgrahamphotography (who is also a high-functioning operator that just gets stuff done). It’s just a matter of deciding what it is you want to channel your time in to. What matters most? .  Here’s what I say: obsession is considered a bad word. But, if you channel obsessions positively and keep them a leash, you’ll find yourself in a good place. A productive place. It was the same with my working career, the same with photography when I was all in on that and the same with computer games - I develop obsessions because I have an obsessive personality. Many of us do. .  The trick I’ve found is to acknowledge that and put a leash on it. I ask myself “how will this help me?” With photography it was the means for my creativity to flow. But i started to ruin it for myself; it became more about how I could make photographs for other people, rather than for me and my family. So it stopped. With computer games - it never translated into anything in the real world. It was fun, therapeutic at times even, but ultimately fruitless. Even work - whilst my career was accelerated and accolades came my way rapidly - it was ultimately that became more about finding a balance, especially when my two children came into the world. So now when I’m at work I’m all in and 100% focussed. When I’m at home I’m all about the family. 
So when I found cycling again, after years away from bikes, it was perfect. There’s no way that it can be about anyone else other than me whilst I’m on the bike, but afterwards - I’m fitter, stronger, happier and healthier which means I can do more with my children. It should mean I’ll be around longer. .  So, those other obsessions? I’ve ditched them. I don’t watch TV. I don’t play computer games. I balance work and life. And social media? Well, one post a day whilst I stretch in the morning only takes 5 minutes. Wake early, get sh*t done. That’s what I say.
  • I’m really missing The Lakes already. Every time I head north to The Lake District, my breath is taken away by these views. If you ask me, they rival Italian, French and Austrian Mountains any day of the week. .  As for the riding? Wow...punishing, unforgiving, simply hardcore! And the best thing? I’m back in The Lakes agin this coming weekend! 😁🥳. After taking on the #fredwhittonchallenge With @alpecincycling this past weekend, I just can’t get enough! .  The rides won’t be too long and won’t be as punishing as The Fred Whitton, but I will be looking to take on #hardknottpass for the second time in as many weeks. .  If any local riders are out on the roads early Saturday or Sunday morning and fancy a spin, give me a shout. Happy to have a tour guide in exchange for an @katushacycling pro kit 😉 . Over the weekend of #thefredwhitton challenge we were fortunate enough to have a number of riders from @kendal_cycle_club Show us some local roads. Then, as a bonus, on the day of the big ride they were kind enough, as part of their marshalling duties, to hold some Alpecin bottles and nutrition for us at various stops so that we could avoid the bedlam of the main, large feed stops. Very kind of them! .  For now though, it’s all about gentle recovery. Tomorrow I’ll be getting back into some tempo training before taking on my second fitness test for the year later in the week to gauge my improvement since March. .  Have you had a fitness test? How did it go? What were your results? What would have done differently or better? Any tips or advice? .  Wish me luck!
  • Awesome job from the whole team. The #fredwhitton was beaten by @alpecincycling - the UK contingent all finished and finished pretty strong as well. .  It was a hell of a ride and one that I won’t forget any time soon, that’s for sure. .  A much needed (and I think deserved) 30 minutes spent in the sauna before a full and filling dinner at the hotel. Then, a couple of hours sleep before I hit the road and came back South to home overnight. .  It’s always hard with a young family to go away on trips like this, especially when you’re posting photographs of you laughing, smiling and doing what you love! But, I thought rather than stay another day in a hotel bed, I’d get home to my little ones and give them some big hugs! I’ve missed them!  Now just a matter of a couple of days at the office before heading BACK to the Lake District AGAIN on Friday 😅. Glutton for punishment, obviously. .  Thank you, thank you, thank you again to @alpecincycling for making this all happen. Your support is incredible!
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