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Michael Rammell

30 Jahre

Rasender Reporter

thatberkshirecyclist“ – so nennt sich der Brite in den sozialen Medien und postet hier jede seiner Fahrten. Als Kind und Jugendlicher machte der heute 30-Jährige auf dem Mountainbike die Trails unsicher, stellte aber dann das Rad in die Ecke und fuhr lange überhaupt nicht. Erst als er die 100-Kilogramm-Marke durchbrach, stieg er wieder aufs Rad – und nutzte das muskelbetriebene Gefährt auf dem Weg zur Arbeit. Das war 2012. Peu à peu verlängerte er den Arbeitsweg und baute Schleifen über Ascot oder Windsor ein. Mittlerweile ist der Familienvater schlank und vor allem fit, wie noch nie zuvor in seinem Leben. Das Rennradfahren hat es ihm so angetan, so sagt er, dass er schlechte Laune bekommt, wenn er doch mal das Auto benutzen muss.

Michael Rammell auf Instagram:

  • I’m so pleased with how training is going. After 5 disrupted weeks with reduced time on the bike, a broken routine and generally speaking not enough activity, I feel like I’m finally back. .  Last week was the first week in well over a month where I managed to achieve 12 hours in the saddle. More than that; it was 12 hours of focussed training with intent. I listened to my body, made good use of the turbo and was able to predict how I’d feel each day. .  As expected, the day after a big effort I’d be more sluggish, but still able to pedal and smile. Those days were the short rides, but with sharp and short intensity, for example, just a single hour on Zwift. A power hour if you will. .  Good refuelling and only eating the good foods, thanks to @isagenix meant I was fuelled when needed, but still able to cut some weight too. .  On top of all of this, mentally, I’m feeling the love right now. This is soooo important. I’ve got my family and friends around me for support and it’s making the world of difference. The encouragement and love I get pushes me to go harder, for longer. It’s a massive part of being able to ride with a smile, just knowing I’m getting to work and have certain people available to chat, and then getting home again to cuddles and time with my little humans. There is a balance right now that I love recognised and I feel humbled and appreciate of it. Long may it continue. .  Today’s plan: 2 hours commute to work, lunch with me best friend @muzz1555, early finish, long cruise home (lower effort, but with time in the saddle once again being the main objective), home cooked dinner, playtime with the kids and then early to bed. Big ride day tomorrow (Friday), need my rest in prep for that!
  • Some autumnal colour peeking through the green there in the background. .  Yes! I’ve still got the Canyon. Don’t worry, it’s not gone anywhere. I’ll be riding it for the @redbulluk #redbulltimelaps , but as I shared on my story this morning, I spotted a balding patch on the rear tyre...meaning it really isn’t a good idea to ride it. .  The good news is that I have a spare pair of @contityres #gp5000 waiting to go on, so I’ll do that tonight. But, anyone who has fitted GP5000’s will tell you, it can be tough to get them on the rims! They’re snug. But that lends Itself to how assured they are in handling. .  For today though, it was a lovely fresh ride on the #giantpropel - I had no power data on the @wahoofitnessofficial head unit owing to the lack of a power meter, but it was a pleasure to ride the aero beast again. It just wills you to go faster .  Right, work to do. Catch you later.
  • It’s been a great week on the bike so far. It isn’t quite done yet with a 2 hour session to get through tonight on Zwift and a short core session too. .  I’m doubling up this evening to make sure I meet my objectives. I had hoped to get out on the bike yeaterday evening, but we didn’t arrive home until which point I was exhausted and needed to sleep. .  Speaking of which, this week has been a good one for sleep too! After weeks and weeks of disruption, I’d got into the habit of waking up at 01:00am and again at 03:00am. Often, I’d stay awake from 03:00am and not go back to bed. I put this down to both a lack of exercise and the US trip really messing with me energy levels and body clock. But this week has been a return to a much-loved routine: - 05:00am wakeup
- breakfast and a cuppa
- iron kids school clothes
- 06:00 - 06:30 out on the bike
- 08:30 arrive work
- 17:15 - 18:00 bike ride 1hr .  All this effort usually equates to 12+ hours on the bike, good sleep and a massive smile! .  How’s your week been? Have you been out on the bike?
  • It’s incredible the difference cycling, exercise and nutrition makes to your life. This week has been a perfect example of how things are back on track. .  For the past couple of weeks I’ve been out of routine. The number of hours I’ve spent training has been seriously low compared to an average week for me. I was waking up at 01:00am, 03:00M, then finding it hard to wake up when I needed to at 06:00am. My hunger was all over the place and, as @sofrontofhouse so neatly described I was suffering from some serious brain fog!  But I’m back on the bike again now and training. I’m focussed. I’ve got 5 weeks left to @redbulluk and so I’m like a laser - straight and true pointing towards my target with precision. I’ve trained for 10 hours this week and I’m on target for my goals. Ive completed my drills and ridden well. As a result; I’m eating the right things, at the right times. I’m sleeping earlier, I’m sleeping through the night, I’m waking up promptly and am ready to train. My mind is raring to go when I get to the office and I’m smashing through things like I always usually do. .  Cycling has restored the balance and focus that I’m known for. .  So, one last ride this weekend. I’d love to do a crazy early morning ride in the dark again as training for the #timelaps , but it needs be I’ll just go for a spin on the turbo and have done with it. At this point, I’ve got 2-3 hours to get through and I don’t much mind how I do it. It’s about the effort first and foremost. .  I’ve got some sweet, sweet @isagenix samples from @sofrontofhouse to try out too. I’m very much looking forward to giving the nutrition side of things the attention it needs and adding some more structure to that. I’ll report back at the end of next week to share what difference that has been making. I’m super keen to make something happen with that - I’ve no doubt at all that it’s going to help me find the next level. .  Right, today is Saturday and that means it’s time for pancakes in my house. The kids are calling! I’d better get started! .  Have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing. If you’re out riding be sure to stay safe and have fun!
  • The weapons we’ll be using to take on @redbulluk #timelaps 2019. .  I’ve spent more and more time at #windsorgreatpark as of late as part of my prep for the upcoming race. Most recently, @the.realspencer and I went for a casual social spin around the route that will be used on race day.
  • Good little spin with @the.realspencer this afternoon. Nothing to strenuous - just a few laps of the @redbulluk #redbulltimelaps route that we’ll be racing at the end of October. (I may have mentioned it once or twice 😊) Was good to catchup. It’s been weeks since we last went for a spin. Looking forward to the next one.
  • Comfort? ✅
Acceleration ✅
Beauty ✅  The @canyon #enduracecfslx has been a pleasure this year. Going up hill or downhill, this bike and I have had some awesome adventures. Roads, mountains and even the occasional gravel track - it’s tackled everything I’ve thrown at it. .  Complete with @zippspeed wheels, @conti_road GP5000 tyres and, of course, the latest @sramroad AXS 12 Speed electronic group set - ive been absolutely spoilt. .  Looking forward to rocketing around #windsorgreatpark on this later in October for the @redbulluk #timelaps
  • Happy Birthday to the machine that is @maximilianimmer ! Have a great Birthday man! (Loving the strong moustache in this photograph with the big grapes in the background 😁) Taken during our training camp in Caldero, Italy. Beautiful place! ————- Alles Gute zum Geburtstag an die Maschine, die @maximilianimmer ist!  Habt einen tollen Geburtstagskind! (Ich liebe den starken Schnurrbart auf diesem Foto mit den großen Trauben im Hintergrund 😁) #EscapeTheCake / #alpecincycling / #canyon / #wahooligan  #ThatBerkshireCyclist  #cycling /#roadbike / #bikestagram / #cyclinglife / #stravacycling / #roadcycling / #cyclingphotos / 
#cyclingshots / #cyclingpics / #instabike / #ridelots / #roadcyclingpics / #gcshot / #goneriding / #igcycling / #lightbro / #roadcyclingcommunity
  • Plan for the day? Ride. Ride. Ride. .  Up early this morning. I can feel the routine kicking in already. Awake before the alarm. Feeling pumped. Legs feel a little tired from the PST few days of riding too. It’s not that I’ve done anything particularly hard or special, but the back-to-back days of riding aren’t something I’ve had the opportunity or time for as of late and so my conditioning for it isn’t quite there yet. .  I’ll push through to the end of the week and try to clock up some decent time in the saddle before resting this weekend. .  Until then...I’m going to love every minute of this. I feel ready to hurt and suffer. .  It’s too soon to be ready for @redbulluk #timelaps, but I’ll be ready when the end of October comes. That’s for sure.
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