Alpecin Cycling

The project Alpecin Cycling wants to bring fans of cycling closer to all facets of road cycling – wether it’s the insights about professional teams that are sponsored by Alpecin or the experiences of the cyclist of the Gran Fondo Team.

The Alpecin Gran Fondo Team – every year a summer fairy tale on two wheels

Ride like a pro. Train like a pro. Feel like a pro.
Since 2007 Alpecin and international media partners enable cyclosportives to feel like a pro for a whole season. The chosen athletes will get the opportunity to live their dream to be a professinal cyclist. Wheter roadbike-rookies or ambitious riders it’s not about your level of fitness, but about your motivation!
Under professional conditions the Team Alpecin riders will be able to work on their sportive goals. It takes a lot of courage to test out your limits.

Alpecin and Cycling

Alpecin traditionally supprts Cycling because of the fascination that comes from the sport. Fans love to see their pro riders win, fight and suffer at the same time. Alpecin supported and sponsored cycling events already in the 1950s. Until the late 90s the brand Alpecin had the naming right for the biggest criterium in the region of Bielefeld. The Alpecin Gran Fondo Team was part of the renaissance of cycling engagement. With a sponsorship of a WorldTour team in 2015 Alpecin reentered professional cycling.

Alpecin Cycling Community

Through the idea to enable amateur athletes to have the cycling year of their life, and various commitments in professional road cycling, grows our Cycling Community continously. Today you’ll find Alpecin at the most prestigious cycling events around the globe.

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