How to determine your training zones


If you do not know your training zones exactly, the following table helps you derive them from performance data, heart rate values or perceived exertion. Then just enter the correct value at TrainingPeaks.

AnT = individual anaerobic threshold

Training zonespower@ thresholdHR @ thresholdmaximum heart rate (HRmax)perceived exertion (BORG-Skala; 6-20)Breathingtarget value Trainingpeaks
Recovery30-55%30-55%<60%extremely light (7-10)easy 50%
Aerobic endurance 155-75%55-75%61-75%light (11-13)increased65%
Aerobic endurance 276-90%76-90%76-85%moderate  (14-15)accelerated85%
Threshold91-105%91-105%86-95%hard (heavy) (15-18)greatly accelerated100%
Strength endurance88-100%88-100%80-89%moderate to hard (14-16)accelerated90%
High intensity106-140%106-140%>95%extremely hard (18-20)maximal130%
Intermitted Exercise (IE)Intensity 130%
Recovery 55%
>95%>95%extremely hard (18-20)maximalIntensity 130%
Recovery 55%