Magazine: Training

Protein power: what cyclists need to know about protein!


Nutritionist Corinne Reinhard provides answers to the most important questions on the topic of “proteins in cycling”. Learn from the nutrition expert about the right timing for protein intake, the optimal amount and different types of protein sources. Corinne Reinhard… weiterlesen

The perfect Session: Get the most out of your training


Maximise the success of your road bike training! In order to improve, you’ll need to prepare your training sessions and complete them in a disciplined manner.

Cross- and compensatory training for cyclists: these workouts make sense


Off-bike winter training: Which cross- and compensatory training options are the best for road cyclists when it is cold and wet outside?

Best Sun Protection for Road Cyclists: No more Sunburn


Road cycling in the sun! There is hardly anything more beautiful than clocking up some kilometres in bright sunshine under a blue sky. The sun also supports our health and fitness, because its UVB rays are essential for our organism to produce the vital vitamin D.  But too much “solar… weiterlesen

Indoor vs. Outdoor Training: What is the difference


Many road cyclists wonder why they ride at higher power outdoors than they do indoors. Or in other words: Why does training on a smart trainer or bike turbo feel much more strenuous at the same power output? Is this just a feeling or reality? Sports scientist and former cyclist Patrick Marseille from HYCYS, formerly… weiterlesen

Letape du Tour – Riding a Stage of the Tour de France


In 2020, L’Etape du Tour will be held for the 30th time. This year, on September 6, the course covers 177 kilometres and three long climbs around the coastal town of Nice at the Cote d’Azur. The 30th edition of… weiterlesen

Heat Battle – Cool Tips for Road Cycling in Summer


Heat stresses our organism! Therefore, if you want to keep cool and prevent your body from overheating on your bike, even at really high temperatures and in glaring sunlight, our tips on training, nutrition and health for cycling in the… weiterlesen

Low Carb Training: Train more Effectively without Carbohydrates

Those who forgot carbohydrates before and during training cannot only improve their fat metabolism and aerobic endurance, but also shorten their training time if cleverly timed.

Pro tips for Zwift events and indoor races from Tanja Erath


Professional cyclist Tanja Erath from team Canyon SRAM-Racing gives tips for virtual races and Gran Fondos like the Alpecin Cycling series on Zwift. In 2017 Tanja Erath won the final of the Zwift academy. As a result she became a… weiterlesen

Drinking properly – the perfect sports drink


Quench your thirst during training, tours and races! These “ingredients” all belong in the water bottle – plus the optimal drinking strategy. Especially now in the heat of the moment – during a race or intensive training – it is… weiterlesen

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