Magazine: Nutrition

Protein power: what cyclists need to know about protein!


Nutritionist Corinne Reinhard provides answers to the most important questions on the topic of “proteins in cycling”. Learn from the nutrition expert about the right timing for protein intake, the optimal amount and different types of protein sources. Corinne Reinhard… weiterlesen

Low Carb Training: Train more Effectively without Carbohydrates

Those who forgot carbohydrates before and during training cannot only improve their fat metabolism and aerobic endurance, but also shorten their training time if cleverly timed.

Drinking properly – the perfect sports drink


Quench your thirst during training, tours and races! These “ingredients” all belong in the water bottle – plus the optimal drinking strategy. Especially now in the heat of the moment – during a race or intensive training – it is… weiterlesen

Light your Barbecue Fire! Healthy Food for Road Cyclists


Feast without regret after the tour! You can get both: Food that is healthy and tasty. Alpecin Cycling explains what you put best on the grill and how to prepare it. Pork belly, sausages, pasta salad with mayonnaise, marshmallows –… weiterlesen

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