Magazine: Equipment

Workshop & troubleshooting: mounting tubeless tyres


How can tubeless tyres for road bikes and gravel bikes be mounted quickly, smoothly and safely? Felix Schäfermeier, Product Manager Road Bike at Schwalbe tyres, is an expert in this field and gives advice on how to mount tubeless tyres… weiterlesen

Best Sun Protection for Road Cyclists: No more Sunburn


Road cycling in the sun! There is hardly anything more beautiful than clocking up some kilometres in bright sunshine under a blue sky. The sun also supports our health and fitness, because its UVB rays are essential for our organism to produce the vital vitamin D.  But too much “solar… weiterlesen

Performance Measurement: Training with a Power Meter


The technical edge: power-controlled riding takes road bike training to a new level. Because road cyclists can control their sessions perfectly with a power meter. No cycling pro rides without a power meter – in training and in competition. Meanwhile,… weiterlesen

Fast, Comfortable, Puncture-Proof: Tubeless Tyres for Road Bikes

Non-professional cyclists are hardly ever faster than professionals. When it comes to time per distance, they clearly lose. But they are definitely in the lead in terms of technical innovations. While the professional peloton was still discussing the pros and… weiterlesen

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