Preview: Stage 8 of the Tour de France 2024


The eighth stage of the 2024 Tour de France will see riders facing constant ups and downs. While it’s not classified as a mid-mountain stage, the route from Semur-en-Auxois to Colombey-les-Deux-Églises includes five categorized climbs and at least as many uncategorized ones, totaling 2,400 meters of elevation gain. This terrain is ideal for breakaway attempts, providing a perfect opportunity for escape artists to make their move.

Stage 8 | 6 July | Semur-en-Auxois to Colombey-les-Deux-Églises | 183.4 km | 2,400 m elevation gain


The eighth stage of the Tour de France heads north, covering 183.4 kilometers. After an easy 20 kilometers, the riders will enter hilly terrain. In the next 30 kilometers, they face three categorized climbs: Côte de Vitteaux (2 kilometers at 7.3%), Côte de Villy-en-Auxois (2.4 kilometers at 5.5%), and Côte de Verrey-sous-Salmaise (2.9 kilometers at 5.1%).

The route continues to the intermediate sprint in Lamargelle at kilometer 59. Although the next categorized climb is about 40 kilometers away, the terrain remains rolling. With the Côte de Santenoge (1.1 kilometers at 8.1%), the uncategorized Côte de Bay-sur-Aube, and the Côte de Giey-sur-Aujon (1.2 kilometers at 8.4%), the riders will have completed most of the climbs. However, the final 60 kilometers are not flat. The most challenging section is the uncategorized Côte de Eufigneix, less than 15 kilometers before the finish in Colombey-les-Deux-Églises.

Favorites Check: Stage Win and Yellow Jersey

Will the sprinter teams or the breakaway group win the stage? This question looms large on flat and hilly stages of the Tour de France. It might seem like an unequal battle, as two sprinter teams alone can muster 10 to 14 helpers. But as we near the end of the first week, the dynamics change.

Many riders are already fatigued or nursing injuries and are eagerly anticipating the rest day. The outcome will hinge on the size and makeup of the breakaway group, determining whether we’ll see a Royal Sprint finish or a successful escape by a breakaway rider.

Stage 8 Classifications

Sprint Points

  • Lamargelle | Kilometer 59

King of the Mountains

  • Côte de Vitteaux | Category 3 | Kilometer 24.1
  • Côte de Villy-en-Auxois | Category 3 | Kilometer 32.5
  • Côte de Verrey-sous-Salmaise | Category 3 | Kilometer 38.8
  • Côte de Santenoge | Category 4 | Kilometer 86.7
  • Côte de Giey-sur-Aujon | Category 4 | Kilometer 122.4

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