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Short & crisp: The best training units for indoor road cyclists


Riding endless hours at low intensity is not the order of the day for indoor training. If you want to improve your aerobic endurance on a turbo trainer, you need to complete smart and varied turbo sessions. Every second counts!… weiterlesen

Interview: Björn Geesmann on indoor training


Training indoors on a smart trainer or a regular bike trainer has many benefits compared to training on the road. Professional coach and sports scientist Björn Geesmann explains why “riding stationary” is an extremely efficient form of training.

FTP Test – Big Form Check for Road Cyclists


Ride hard on the bike trainer for 20 minutes to determine your current performance level. If you really want to make progress in training objectively visible, you can use an FTP test to determine your own performance level and your… weiterlesen

Training Plan: Performance


You love bike marathons and Gran Fondo rides – epic ascents and descents are your true passion. The prospect to participate in these events already motivated you for winter training. To make sure you don’t lose your passion for cycling… weiterlesen

Jörg Ludewig about the Alpecin Cycling Challenge


How to determine your training zones

If you do not know your training zones exactly, the following table helps you derive them from performance data, heart rate values or perceived exertion. Then just enter the correct value at TrainingPeaks. AnT = individual anaerobic threshold Training zones… weiterlesen

Training Plan: Granfondo


You want to use your time in a clever and efficient way to improve your performance and endurance –  despite the current limitations. Your goal is to go on really long rides with your friends in summer – if this… weiterlesen

Training Plan: Race

You are ambitious! You can’t wait to put your race number back on your jersey. In the past few months you have been training hard for your set goals: to beat your personal best in amateur races and bike marathons…. weiterlesen

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