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Drinking properly – the perfect sports drink


Quench your thirst during training, tours and races! These “ingredients” all belong in the water bottle – plus the optimal drinking strategy. Especially now in the heat of the moment – during a race or intensive training – it is… weiterlesen

Performance Measurement: Training with a Power Meter


The technical edge: power-controlled riding takes road bike training to a new level. Because road cyclists can control their sessions perfectly with a power meter. No cycling pro rides without a power meter – in training and in competition. Meanwhile,… weiterlesen

Wrong Assumption: The Truth about Lactate


Lactate is harmful – this is what many athletes still wrongfully believe. However, lactate is a vital fuel and provides energy for muscles and organs. There are many myths about lactate. It is said to cause muscle acidosis, to be… weiterlesen

Fast, Comfortable, Puncture-Proof: Tubeless Tyres for Road Bikes

Non-professional cyclists are hardly ever faster than professionals. When it comes to time per distance, they clearly lose. But they are definitely in the lead in terms of technical innovations. While the professional peloton was still discussing the pros and… weiterlesen

The 2020 Team Alpecin bike: Canyon Endurace CF SLX Disc Di2


The new marathon road bike of Team Alpecin is technically and visually a real highlight. In the 2020 season, the members of the amateur team will ride a blue Canyon Endurace CF SLX 9.0 Disc Di2 with Shimano’s top groupset… weiterlesen

Light your Barbecue Fire! Healthy Food for Road Cyclists


Feast without regret after the tour! You can get both: Food that is healthy and tasty. Alpecin Cycling explains what you put best on the grill and how to prepare it. Pork belly, sausages, pasta salad with mayonnaise, marshmallows –… weiterlesen

The Best Tips for a Training Camp at Home


Get ready for a completely different training camp experience! Instead of driving or flying to warmer and more southern regions – which is difficult at the moment anyway – improve your form at home. This may sound boring but can… weiterlesen

Bike fitting: how to find the perfect road bike saddle

The amateur athletes of Team Alpecin got a very special remote saddle fitting from gebioMized in Corona times. Normally the riders of Team Alpecin would have gotten a professional bike fitting at the kick-off in Bielefeld; including a field- and… weiterlesen

Sore Muscles: Recovery of Aching Muscles


Why do muscles often ache for days? Alpecin Cycling addresses the phenomenon of sore muscles and provides tips for recovery. They appear insidiously. When the work is done – usually the day after a race or a hard training ride… weiterlesen

Core training: the best workout for road cyclists


The training experts at COROX have put together a special workout for road cyclists that strengthens and stabilises the core muscles. Plus: exercise video. Core training – for many ambitious hobby- and amateur cyclists, this idea seems daunting. “I want… weiterlesen

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