Frequently Asked Questions

Learn everything about Team Alpecin! We compiled the most important questions and answers regarding the application for 2020.

What is so special about Team Alpecin?

Alpecin gives amateur athletes the chance to ride the season of their lives. We want to encourage amateur cyclists to tackle personal and sporting goals that are a challenge for them and require courage. At the same time, we want them to explore their limits. With our professional equipment and individual, high-quality training support, Alpecin creates the same conditions as professionals train and race under. This is only fair, because an amateur athlete suffers just as much as a professional – each in their own personal limits.

Who can join the team?

Anyone can apply. Whether man or woman, beginner, advanced or ambitious cyclist. Contrary to the majority of amateur teams, our focus is not on a particularly high sporting performance. We focus on the fun of cycling – and want to share it with others. Of course, you should be confident that you are able to achieve your goals and be prepared to prioritise this “adventure” for a whole season.

What is the membership fee?

“Passion, i.e. blood, sweat and tears – to put it in race slang. Plus: some Euros for traveling to events like team presentations, training camps and races. The selected team members receive all the equipment they need to be able to train and race sensibly. In addition to a road bike, this includes of course high-quality accessories and clothing. To pave the way for a successful season, the riders will also be trained individually by experienced coaches, do some performance tests and get an individual bike fitting to sit comfortably, ergonomically and in a target-oriented manner on their bikes.

How are the participants selected?

As with a job advertisement, everyone has the opportunity to apply. Based on the applications, a jury of several people selects potential participants and then conducts individual telephone interviews. Finally, a decision is made as to who will join the team.

What are the goals of the team riders?

Everyone sets their own goals. Every team rider chooses the competition they would like to go for and together with the coaches and the sports management they’ll think about what they want to focus on. For some it is finishing a certain race, for others it is a certain target time or a specific result. Through individualized training, each team member makes a leap forward in performance, rides faster, improves endurance and riding skills and usually lives much healthier than before.

Since when does this extraordinary team idea exist?

In 2007 Alpecin sent such a professionally managed amateur team “out on the road” for the first time. Since then, the concept has been refined and more than 200 male and female amateur athletes have ridden in the team. After the season the fun is not over by the way. Anyone who wants to may stay with the team and become an “all-star”. These riders then meet with the current team at events or take part in races together. Everyone may ride as they like it best.

Since when does this extraordinary team idea exist?

Which nations do the participants come from?

Which nations do the participants come from?

Meanwhile from all over the world. Until 2017 the participants came from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2018 amateur athletes from all over the world can apply. Over the past two years, team riders from Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands and the USA have also participated.