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Do you want to make 2019 a very special cycling season? Then you’re in the right place. We are looking for amateur cyclists of all shapes and sizes who are looking for an adventure of a lifetime. With us you can climb the highest mountains, you can get yourself your very own presonal yellow jersey – when you ride a real Tour de France stage, but more than anything else you will have a bucketload of fun on your bike and will get the chance to explore your own limits.


Application period ends on 31st of January 2019

Join the Tour de france with team alpecin

To help you achieve your own cycling goals, you’ll be trained, coached, and equipped like a pro by our very own cycling experts. Your free gear* will include an exclusive, top-end road bike and high-grade team wear.

As with any other team, we are looking for a range of different characters. We don’t care if you’ve been riding for 20 years or if you first got on a bike last year. We don’t care if you’re 49 or 19 years old, or whether you dream of being ‘king of the mountain’ or prefer riding against a headwind. We are far more interested in your story: Why do you love roadbiking so much and why would you like to spend a season with us as a teamplayer?

Knock us off our feet with your application and let us know what your personal cycling dream looks like. This year, we’re going to give a lucky few of you dreamers that chance to fulfill your cycling goals. Bring us up to speed on what you’d like to achieve with our support and coaching. We’ll then do our best to make those dreams come true.

dress like a pro - train like a pro - ride like a pro

Being part of the Alpecin Cycling team won’t cost you a penny. You’ll be kitted out with the finest equipment and apparel and will receive a professional bike for the whole year. All we ask of you in return is that you share your experiences of your incredible twelve months with Team Alpecin across the various social media channels.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance. Send us your aplication here.


Application period ends on 31st of January 2019

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