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Terms and Conditions – Selection Procedure for Team Alpecin

By taking part in the selection process, I acknowledge that I am not entitled for a membership in the “Team Alpecin”. The team is composed at the free discretion of a jury appointed by Dr. Kurt Wolff GmbH & Co. KG, Bielefeld, whose decision I accept as binding for myself.

By sending this expression of interest, I indicate my interest in joining the team. The final admission will be made after selection by the jury. Only the submission of the terms of participation and the concurrent information that I was chosen as a team member is to be considered an offer to join the team.

I guarantee that I am of legal age and fit for sports. If I am chosen as a team member, I will prove these prerequisites with appropriate evidence.

I assure that I will attend the following events in the event that I join the team*:

  1. Team meeting and presentation in Bielefeld (Germany) from 08th of March 2019 until 10th of March 2019
  2. Training camp in Kaltern am See (Italy) from 06th of April 2019 until 14th of April 2019
  3. Fred Whitton Challenge in Grasmere (United Kingdom) from 10th of May 2019 until 13th of May 2019 (ONLY obligatory for UK Applicants)
  4. Schleck Gran Fondo in Monford-Les-Bains (Luxembourgh) from 24th of May 2019 until 27th of May 2019 (Not obligatory for UK Applicants)
  5. L’ Etape du Tour in Annecy (France) from 19th of July 2019 until 22th of July 2019


In to the event that I join the team, I will receive training support.

I will also be provided with a Canyon road bike and the necessary equipment (clothes etc.), which I will then use. I am aware that the race bike and the equipment is sponsored.

The German version of this text is binding, any translations are non-binding.

Legal recourse is excluded.

* For non-Europe applicants there is a separate event obligation, which will be agreed individually.


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